Using The Right Carpet Cleaning Method Can Save You Money And Extend The Life Of Your Carpet

Not all carpet cleaning methods are the same. As a matter of fact there are many different ways to clean a carpet depending on the type of carpeting you have. Most people don’t realize that carpet fibers are not all the same and some types of carpeting will require a different cleaning method. Some carpet cleaning materials may even be harmful for some carpet fibers and an excellent cleaner for other types of fibers. Some carpet cleaning companies only provide one way of cleaning a carpet and this might be fine for some carpets but not necessarily for yours.

Finding a company that will take a look at your carpet and provide the best solution based on the type of carpet fibers you have is the smartest decision you will make in regards to your carpeting. Hiring a carpet cleaner is by far the best way to clean your carpets. Here are some tips to keep you informed so that you make a good decision with the Aurora carpet cleaning company you choose.

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Foam Carpet Cleaning Method

Shampooing your carpet – This is probably one of the least effective methods for cleaning your carpets. What happens when you apply a shampoo is that you are putting a formulated detergent on your carpet and then a machine is used to agitate the cleanser – sort of a scrubbing effect. Then a vacuum is used to extract the cleanser. This looks pretty good right after the work is complete but it doesn’t do anything for the caked on dirt that is residing deep down in the pad of the carpet. For health and wellness reasons this is an ineffective cleaning method.

Dry carpet cleaning – This is a popular choice among many homeowners because it requires very little downtime for drying after the carpet is cleaned. This process uses a special cleaning powder that is sprinkled onto the carpet. It is specially formulated to attract the dirt. Once the powder has set for a certain length of time it is then vacuumed up, leaving the carpet looking like new. Some carpet cleaning companies have made modifications to their formula so that it incorporates an oxygenated cleanser. The oxygenated cleanser helps to lift the dirt out of the base of the carpet and is much more effective than shampooing.

Foam carpet cleaning – This is sort of a combination of shampooing and dry cleaning. A cleansing foam with a small amount of water is applied to the carpet. The cleansing foam works much like the oxygenated cleansers because it attracts and lifts the dirt from the bottom of the carpet. This isn’t the best method for all carpets because it is a little rougher and some carpets can be damaged with this method.

Steam Cleaning – Steam cleaning is probably the most popular and well known methods for cleaning your carpets. Finding a company that has perfected this process is important because applying too much water can damage your carpet. It does use more water so it is important that your carpet cleaner limits the amount of water used and does a good job vacuuming out as much water as possible. This is probably one of the most popular choices because it does extract the most amount of dirt from you carpet. This process does take a little longer to dry and can be harmful to your carpet if you clean too often with this process.

so as you can see not all carpet cleaning methods are the same, just as carpets are different and require different methods for cleaning. Call your Aurora carpet cleaner and ask them to stop by to give you a quote based on the type of carpet you have.

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