Time for a Garage Door Opener Check-Up?

When you buy a home, repair services and upkeep come with it. Regular preventative upkeep is a terrific way to keep from getting stuck with significant repair costs when things break down. Did you know that you should be inspecting your garage door opener regularly? Here are some general suggestions for examining your garage door.

Test the door’s balance and alignment. Once a month, you need to check the positioning and balance of your garage door. To do this, first disengage the garage door opener and the door itself. You can do this by pulling the red manual release rope directly down then back (towards the motor device). When you have actually done this, you must be able to open your garage door with simply one hand. As you do this, check to see if the door feels light or if it moves easily without sticking. If it does stick, then the door is not effectively lined up and you have to have a professional come in for an adjustment. Likewise at this time, position the door so that it is halfway open and then let it go. If the door begins to move on its own, either rebounding upwards or closing itself, then the door is out of balance. Once again, a service call with a service technician is required if this happens.

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Check the security reversal system. Another thing you should check every month is the security reversal system. This is crucial since the turnaround system makes certain that somebody or something standing in the path of the door does not get struck by it as it closes. First, open the door entirely and put a 2 ? 4 or a roll of paper towels on the ground under the middle of the garage door. Then, press the garage door opener so that it lowers the door. When the door hits the wood board or roll of towels, then it needs to rebound and raise itself up. If it does not do this, then you should increase the down limitation by turning the down limitation adjustment screw about a quarter of a turn. Then attempt the test once more and repeat the change as needed. If this does not fix the issue, then you should seek aid from a technician.

If you do discover that your garage door requires major upkeep or repair work, always get a qualified garage repair service service technician to do the work. If you attempt to change the cables, sheaves, or springs on a garage door, you may seriously injure yourself. All of these products are under high tension and can spring loose causing serious harm to the individual and/or door. Call a certified garage door repair Cleveland company for all your garage door repair, maintenance and installation needs.

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